Where are they now? 2/20/17

In February we are going to be following up with some of our amazing past presenters to see “Where are they now?” with their tech! So far we have Mounir Shita of Kimera Systems, Thomas Worley of DADO Labs, Marcus Estes of Chroma, and Ron Talwalkar​ of Cylance. Remember to buy tickets on Impact Flow!

Eric Breon – Vacasa

Eric Breon, CEO of Vacasa, talks about the custom web technology built by his team to make Vacasa the “Amazon of Vacation Rentals”.

Cannabis Tech – 1/16/17

Join us to learn about the technologies being developed for the Cannibis industry by Wolf Segal of Farmer in the Sky, Dave Neketin of AgriCool, Joel Stangeland of Guardian Data System, Karl Young of Hermetic Botanicals, and Alex Johnson of Green Bits.